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Paul’s Prison Letters Pity party or extraordinary focused witness?

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How do we act when bad things happen to us?

We always have a choice—we can retaliate; we can throw a pity party; we can blame others.

Or we can trust God no matter what and try to respond in a way He wants us to.

In what are called the “Prison Epistles” Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon we’ll look at how the Apostle Paul responded in a very difficult situation. This lesson about them is much more than a history lesson about Paul because what we do, how we respond to challenging situations is the clearest evidence possible of what we truly believe and WHO we truly believe in.

We can voice all sorts of positive things, affirm things that sound good— but how do we react in the realities of life? NOTHING outside us causes/forces us to act in a certain way; we respond based on what is already there.

From bad language to bad actions, difficult times give us a chance to see what is in our hearts and work on changes if necessary. In these letters Paul helps us respond in ways that please God and make life much better for us.

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