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Welcome to the Bible805 Academy, resources to help you!

I want to help you learn and TEACH the Bible. I created this site especially for people from small churches, church plants, churches or groups that don’t have money or access to quality Bible teaching materials.

Here you can find materials (including PowerPoints, videos, podcasts) that you can simply use as is or you can use them (many of the lessons have the original PowerPoint files) to create your own lessons. You do not have to credit or acknowledge me—just get the Word out there!

The materials here are the result of decades of study and teaching Bible classes by me, Yvon Prehn, and have helped many people grow in their Christian lives and as disciples of Jesus. I’m offering them to you with the prayer they might be useful either in your own in-depth study or to enable you teach the Bible.

The materials are all offered on a FREE/pay-what-you’d-like basis and I strongly welcome you to please use them for FREE. I want more than anything to equip many people to teach the Bible.


God has given me both the academic and experiential background to put together these materials including an MA in history majoring on the history of the church, additional graduate work in seminary and communications, plus decades of teaching Bible classes in person and online.


Based on that I’ve put together everything you need (videos, audio files, PowerPoints, notes and questions, plus images and PR materials etc.) to teach lessons on in-depth topics on the Bible, such as How We Got the Bible; Why We can Trust the Bible, Life after Death, The Trinity, and many other topics, including a series of Through the Bible lessons.

You can use the materials as is or (and this is important) I’m also giving you the original files that you can edit to suit your need for many of the lessons. I don’t have the original files for some of the earlier ones, but you are free to download and modify any that are offered.


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EDITABLE PowerPoints included in the lessons!

Each of the lessons that follow have a wealth of teaching resources for you including editable PowerPoints of the content. This video briefly shows you some of the ways you can edit them.

Below are links to individual lessons

Click on them for a description of the topic lesson, previews of notes, questions, and if a chart or other material is included.

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About Me, Yvon Prehn creator of the lessons

For much of my life I’ve taught the Bible, starting with teaching kindergartners in Sunday School class when I was in third grade, to working with youth groups, teaching adult Bible classes, and working briefly as an associate professor of church history.

I continue to teach a weekly adult Bible class at my church and am now producing the Bible805 website, podcast, and video channels along with the Bible805 Academy, to make my teaching resources available for others to use in any way you wish to help others get to know, trust, and apply the Bible.

These are not overly produced, slick products, though you can use them as is. In addition, I make available my original PowerPoint files, notes, questions, and other materials for YOU to use in your teaching and to modify as you like.

If you want to know more about me, my educational, and theological background go to About Yvon Prehn. If you want to know more about the overall Bible805 ministry and the other parts of it, go to About Bible805.