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About the Bible805 Academy

The content here is from the Bible-teaching ministry of Yvon Prehn at It originated and was first taught in the adult Bible Classes I’ve taught at various churches.


I have organized these lessons into the Bible805 Academy both for individual study but even more to help YOU teach the Bible. These are not fancy, over-produced, “professional” lessons. The content has been thoroughly researched and is the result of intensive study, reflection, and prayer, but it is primarily the result of my work as a lay teacher.


Their value lies in the focus on teaching God’s Word and I have seen abundant spiritual growth and change in people’s lives when the Lord has graciously used these lessons to get people into God’s Word and especially when they have followed through to read the entire Bible in chronological order.


An in-depth, historical teaching of the entire Bible is the core strength of this material and I want to make it available to as many as possible.


The source content of the material in the Academy is available for free through links at the website in the form of podcasts, YouTube videos, and website blogs. You are more than welcome to access all of it.


However, if you want to download and use a high-resolution video of the lessons without the ads, interruptions, and distractions of YouTube for personal study, in Sunday School classes, small groups, Bible School, or homeschooling, plus Notes (that are virtually a transcript of the lesson, plus room for viewer comments), discussion Questions, and Images you can use for PR, plus related charts and eBooks as they become available—these are available here.

And you can do what you want with the materials--modify, share, make copies, give away--I own it all and trusting the Lord to guide you, I release it to you.


To evaluate if the material will work for you, please check out the FREE SAMPLES. Even if you don't decide to sign up for the Bible805 Academy, the material is yours to keep.