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Free Lesson Modules for you to try out the resources from the Bible805 Academy

The following Lesson Modules consisting of the original PowerPoint, notes, questions, a video without advertisements or distractions that you can download and use however you want, plus an audio file, images and PR overview are here for you to try out the content from the Bible805 Academy.

Even if you decide not to sign up as a subscriber, these are yours to keep.

Simply go to the lesson, sign up for it and you will not be charged. You can then download the files associated with that lesson.

The free lessons are as follows, just click on the link to go to them:

Read the Bible In Chronological Order

How We Got the New Testament, Part One-History that proves WHEN it was written

The Prophetic Books, little understood, incredibly important, an introduction

How We Got the Apocrypha and Its Relationship to the Septuagint


Understanding the Trinity, part One, The Three Persons of the Trinity


Christian Salvation Explained