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About Bible805 is hub of my (Yvon Prehn's) Bible-teaching ministry. It started out as a podcast and an adult Sunday School class. In doing both I needed a blog to go with them and so I developed the website ( to share notes and additional Bible information.

One thing led to another as I taught the material from the podcast, people wanted a video to go with it so they could share the content. From there the Bible805 Academy developed as well as associated online resources all designed to help people get the Bible into all of life. I named this group of resources the Bibleverse.

Following are the current parts of the ministry with links to them:

Following are the current parts of the Bible805 ministry, the Bibleverse, with links to them

Bible805 podcast

Available through all major podcast channels, this podcast by Yvon Prehn goes through Bible-related topics such as why we can trust the Bible and the importance of reading the Bible in chronological order. In addition, a series of podcasts (with associated videos described below) will take you through the Bible in Chronological, Historical Order. CLICK HERE to go to the podcast episodes and links to the various podcast channels including iTunes and Spotify.

Bible805 Videos

These videos expand the content of the Bible805 Podcasts and are freely available on YouTube HERE. Links to additional materials related to the topics are in the video descriptions and on the Bible805 website. I also do Bible-related video shorts on this channel, such as a series on the 40 days of Lent, Easter meditations, and short lessons on various topics.

Bible805 Academy

Though you can view all the lessons from Bible805 for free on the above YouTube channel, you cannot download them legally (a YouTube rule, though I retain all rights to them) and YouTube can be distracting. The lessons can be used for Sunday School Classes, Small Groups, Homeschooling, and Bible School classes.

I created the Bible805 Academy to provide quality Bible teaching lesson modules that you can download that are advertising free. In addition to the videos that are available in 1080p, I also created PDFs of Notes and Discussion Questions that go along with each lesson. Some of the lessons also have associated charts that expand or illustrate the content of the lesson. In addition, each lesson module has two images that can be used to promote the classes.

You can sample any of the modules for $2.99 each or buy a monthly subscription for $4.99 or a yearly subscription for $36. I'm doing this for such a low price so that anyone, anywhere can have access to in-depth Bible teaching without concern about the cost. It is also a primarily self-serve product, I don't promise extensive help because it's just me doing it all at present. To go to the Bible805 Academy, click the following link:

Bibleverse Shop, Bible805 Printables

This shop was motivated by the command in Deuteronomy 11:19, “Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 20 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.”

Today we can obey the commands to surround ourselves with God’s Word through sharing social media images online and through printables of Bible verses and related sayings in our homes and as gifts for all occasions.

The resulting online shop is a collection of Bible verses and positive sayings that can be downloaded and reproduced in 12 formats from social media images through office printing sizes to large poster formats all in resolutions suitable for both in-office and professional printing. New images are continuously added as well as periodic free downloads. To make it cost-effective for churches and other groups to share these images, though you can buy them individually, a $36 a year subscription gives you unlimited access to the ever-growing collection.

CLICK HERE to go to the Bibleverse Shop.

Bibleverse t-shirts and mug shop

Today when everyone broadcasts their beliefs and causes on their t-shirts, this is an opportunity to share positive sayings and Bible verses. In addition, messages like these can be conversation starters for you to share your faith. You can also be encouraged by Bible verses and positive sayings in our mug collection. The profits from this shop and the printables shop both support the Bible805 ministry. CLICK HERE to go to the t-shirts and mug shop.

Bible805 Blog

Not only updates of all the categories above, but additional articles that are a commentary on Bible-related topics, book and website reviews, and other materials that I feel might be useful to help you find Jesus and grow in your walk with Him.

My assurance to you of editorial independence

As always, please know the only products sold on any of my sites are ones I create (eBooks, Printables, Items in the Bibleverse Shop) to help you get the Bible into all your life and for the support of the Bible805 ministry. This site never has and never will take any advertising, in any way participate in affiliate or referral marketing, nor will it be accepting sponsorships of any kind. If I recommend something other than what I create, it is truly because I like it and not for any additional monetary reason.