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Quotation and Interview Information

You may reproduce quotes from any of the content of the Bible805 Academy content, eBooks, notes, or questions or selected parts of it for your church staff, people associated with the church or for informational or marketing to involve people in the lessons or to promote the use of them in your church or ministry without additional permission and with my blessings.

You may also reproduce quotes for any denominational or church related media or publications to let others know about the Bible805 Academy.

PLEASE use the following citation for printed materials: by Yvon Prehn,

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Interview info

If you would like to interview Yvon Prehn on any of the topics in this publication for either print articles or other media, I would be happy to chat or email answers— contact me through

I have done extensive radio work, some television, and am comfortable with unscripted interviews, call‐in, and talk formats of all sorts.

You can of course check out my podcast to preview how I sound on radio. 

Bible-related articles

I am also available to modify or adapt any of the materials on this site for articles for websites, church publications, whatever might serve the church. Contact me at to discuss this.