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What is truth?. . .and how historical truth relates to religious truth

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This lesson is part of a 4-part foundational series: How Truth & History confirm that we can trust the Christian Bible. Though each lesson is useful on its own, all four lessons in this series go together for a complete understanding of the topic The 4 lessons in this series are:

•      #1 What is Truth?. . . and how historical truth relates to religious truth

•      #2 How do historians determine Truth?. . . why geography, archeology, artifacts, and documents matter

•      #3 How is the historical truth of the Christian Bible unique? part one. . . a comparison with the Hindu and Buddhist scriptures

•      #4 How is the historical truth of the Christian Bible unique? part two. . . a comparison with Muslim and Mormon scriptures

This series was created to give you a solid foundation for trusting the Bible. It doesn’t do much good to study the Bible if you look at it as merely a humanly created book. If, as this series will demonstrate, it is the creation of our God, who exists outside of time, yet who entered into time into our world to redeem His creation, it changes everything.

The Bible and the many historical facts that are clearly available to anyone who looks at them, and that this series will share, will give you confidence in the Bible and the God who gave it to us. You will develop a firm foundation for your spiritual life and factual knowledge to share with others.

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