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How to Fit the Bible into a Busy Life

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About this Lesson        

Every Christian feels like they ought to make the Bible part of their lives But it’s a big and often confusing book.

In an attempt to be obedient, many start each year with the best of intentions to read the WHOLE THING.

They begin in Genesis but by the time they get to Leviticus if not before, they bail out.

Still feeling guilty, they jump around the Bible reading familiar passages like the Psalms or the Gospels.

Or they give up on the Bible itself and read a devotional that briefly mentions Bible verses.

Somehow these options don’t satisfy.

I want to help you change all that!

In this lesson, I’m going to share a system that will help you get into the Bible DAILY.

One that will help you get through the ENTIRE Bible--jump right into the lesson to learn more!

Included with this Lesson

  • An 1080p video
  • A PDF of Notes/Transcript of the lesson
  • A PDF of Questions on the lesson for individual study or group discussion
  • Two digital files of images you can use to promote the topic
  • Unlimited reproduction rights of the video and handouts within your church, group, ministry, or business.

In the files below:

  • The MP4 file has the video—the name may be a bit odd as the program I’m using automatically sometimes gives it a new name when I save it.
  • The ZIP file has the PDFs of notes and question pages, plus the image files.
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (71MB)
  • ZIP (2MB)
  • PPTX (14MB)