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What manner of people ought we to be? the Pastoral Epistles—1,2 Timothy, Titus, 1,2 Peter, Jude

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Our study of the New Testament is about so much more than an overview of books, or a historical tour. It is the culmination of God’s rescue plan for the people He created. The development God’s

a changed, redeemed people is what we’ve been learning about.

All else will fade (churches, buildings, denominations); God’s people will not. And it is those people (you) who will reach the world with God’s message of salvation.

How we become that, the spiritual formation of God’s people is what these “Pastoral Epistles” are about.

Earlier New Testament writings clarified the theology of salvation--that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone—in other words, Jesus’s death on the cross accomplished all the WORK of salvation.

By faith we accept it—without any work or merit of our own. That is the foundation of our faith.

BUT once we are saved—God expects us to live as HIS saved, redeemed people.

Though previous books taught this; how we are supposed to live is the emphasis (instead of theological issues) in these books. We will look at various passages in the books that explain and clarify this, and we only have time for a few—please study more to understand and apply fully!

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