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1 & 2 Thessalonians, caring advice to young Christians

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As Acts and Hebrews tell us, when Paul first began preaching this new message of salvation in Jesus, he began by showing how Jesus was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

As he moves further away from Jerusalem and begins to preach to people who aren’t as familiar with the Bible, he runs into both new questions and new challenges.

Many of these are specific to the particular location he writes to and these letters to the Thessalonians are a good example of this as he confronts a new source of persecution that is political, not simply a religious disagreement.

In the midst of this challenge, Paul encourages the young Christians with a reminder of the coming of Jesus and specific advice on how they ought to live as they wait for Him.

In the lesson we look at the familiar commands to “Pray continuously,” “Give thanks in all things,” and “Rejoice always” along with ideas on how to practice them in our lives.

To help us remember that the lesson also has a link to a free download of the printable, “All will be well,” by Dame Julian. At the link on the Bible805 Images site, ( you can download the saying in a variety of sizes and formats—they make great gifts at any time.

Paul’s reminders and challenges in these letters give us hope and encouragement as we work and wait for our Lord Jesus. Below are links to previews of the lesson. You can download all these materials to study and teach.

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