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Canonicity, the Bible, and Us How we discover, not determine, God’s will

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 About this Lesson

Who decided what books are in the Bible?
Many have heard the term “Canonicity” used with this topic—what does it mean?
Did the Church make the decision of what’s in the Bible? How did they or whoever was responsible, decide?

These are incredibly important questions for us to answer because if the books that make up our Bibles, the “canon” of Scripture are merely the result of human effort and decision, it doesn’t matter if we read them or what we do with them.

However, if they are from God Himself, given to us through human authors, they are authoritative for our beliefs and how we should live.

The process of canonicity is how the church decided these important issues and that’s what our lesson talks about. essential for our eternal salvation and instruction on how to live lives that are pleasing to God today.

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