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5 Assurances for the Christian

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About this Lesson

This lesson is based on resources from the Navigators, ( These 5 Assurances and the verses that go with them were what they felt were essential for a new Christian to know and have stood the test of time as a helpful foundation for a relationship with Jesus.


For those who have walked with Jesus for some time they are a good reminder of what

we have in our relationship with Him.


They had a chart that went with it with each verse on the fingers of a hand. This

handout is a new one, redone in Canva to fit on social media formats and to use

in teaching.


The downloads include the redone chart (2 to a page), an image of it to use in

teaching, sharing, or social media, plus a handout with an explanation of each

of the 5 assurances.

You will get the following files:
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  • PDF (360KB)
  • PDF (645KB)