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eBook, Tetelestai, If the battle is finished, why is life so hard?

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About this Lesson

In many Easter sermons, we are reminded that Jesus’ final word from the cross, as recorded in John, was Tetelestai! which translated from the Greek means, “It is finished!”

Tetelestai is an incredible word and not just because it sounds great and is fun to say but for the multitude of meanings and implications wrapped up in it and the questions it inspires.

That is what I would like to explore here—what exactly did Jesus finish on the cross and what does it mean to me?

Though Easter is the event that motivated my exploration of the word, when I look at it closely, the questions it raises, its implications of it, and the applications inspired by it, all go far beyond Easter.

To begin, after extensive research, I found Jesus didn't say "Tetelestai," from the cross because that is a Koine Greek word and He spoke Aramaic. But what He said, (read about it in the book) is even more meaningful. 

After a discussion of the word, the book then goes into practical advice about how to live in this in between time between the finished work Jesus accomplished on the cross and when we join Him either when we go to heaven or He comes to finally redeem the earth. 

I pray that the book will be an encouragement and inspiration to you and your people as we serve our Lord in this in-between time. 

NOTE: This eBook goes with the lesson of the same title. It has similar content, though the eBook contains additional comments and slight modifications of the video lesson--however there are no changes in the meaning overall.

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  • NOTE: the eBook has two covers, a colorful one to advertise it and a plain black and white one for printing. I did that to help save ink. When I printed it out for my class, I didn't have the plain cover and realized afterward what a lot of ink I wasted. 
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