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9 Benefits of Reading or Listening to Your Bible in Chronological Order

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About this Lesson        

Going through your Bible in Chronological, Historical order, whether you read it or listen to it is one of the most life-changing things you can do to grow in your Christian life. This lesson will give you 9 specific reasons to do it.

Following are the First Four—and under each reason, supporting materials will help you see why each reason is important.
  • ONE— Reading the Bible in chronological order we see how God is truly the author of the entire Bible
  • TWO—Reading the Bible in chronological order we understand the whole story of salvation as it unfolds 
  • THREE—Reading the Bible in chronological order will grow our trust and confidence in our God
  • FOUR—Reading the Bible in chronological order will make sense of God’s actions
If you are a leader in your church, you must ground your people in God’s Word. If they don’t have an overall view of the entire Bible, they will make mistakes in applying it and growing in their Christian lives.

This lesson and the others related to it will help you give your people a firm foundation of trust in God’s Word.

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