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Genesis and Job, Answers to the BIG Questions of Life, Part One

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About this Lesson

With this lesson, we start the adventure of reading through the Bible in Chronological Order. It begins by reading Genesis and three days into it, we jump to the book of Job.

Even if you don't have time to do the reading or listen to the passages, you'll still learn lots from watching the video or listening to the podcast.

I talk about why we read these two books together and you’ll see how Genesis and Job lay the foundation for much of what we will read in the rest of the Bible by starting out with answers to the Big Questions of life—

•       How did the world begin?

•       Why are there troubles in this world?

•       Is this all there is or is there life after death?

God hasn’t left us alone to answer these questions and many more that trouble us in our quiet moments and worst nightmares, as we will learn in this lesson. The material on life after death is especially encouraging as you’ll see in a close analysis of key passage in Job.

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