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Genesis and Job, Answers to the BIG Questions of Life, Part Two

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About this Lesson

One of the great answers we discovered in the first lesson of this series is the assurance that Life after death is a great promise to those who believe in Jesus. Yet that assurance brings up another question that we will answer in this lesson which is:

 “What about those who have never heard of Jesus?”

We have two more questions in this series,  “Why do innocent people suffer?”

And along with that one “How can we comfort those (including ourselves) who suffer?”

Answers to these questions and much more information surrounding them is discussed in this lesson.

Included in this Lesson

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  • Questions on the lesson for individual study or group discussion
  • Charts that go with the lesson if part of it
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  • Unlimited reproduction rights of the video and handouts within your church, group, ministry, or business.
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