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Infographic explaining Christian Salvation

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This infographic is free because of the importance of the topic. Please download and freely share.

The infographic is a clear explanation with supporting Bible verses on how to become a Christian.

It shows the condition of unsaved people, saved people, and that Jesus Christ and his death is the bridge to Salvation.

You can use this as a full-page handout or the illustration alone, (printed on another sheet without the verses) to share the good news of salvation with Jesus.

The illustration is based on “The Bridge” illustration I learned many years ago from the Navigators. When we used that, we memorized the verses and drew the illustration as we quoted them. It’s much easier if the verses are printed on the page, but you can use it however you want.

You are granted free, unlimited rights to reproduce this with no attribution required and are greatly encouraged to share with as many as possible in print, online, in social media, however you’d like.

Included in the download is a sheet with the verses, a sheet explaining how to use them and one with two images of the illustration you can print, cut apart, and share.

May God give you grace and courage as you share it with many.

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