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Who is Jesus Really?

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About this Lesson:

Many are familiar with what the Bible says about Jesus, but the world outside the church attributes the Biblical record to myths made up hundreds of years after the actual life of Christ.

That belief is simply false. Not only are the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) accurate histories written by those who knew Jesus, but the writings about Jesus from secular sources, most of them who were totally opposed to the Christian faith, confirm the historical time and life of Jesus, as well as what his followers believed about him.

This isn't an esoteric scholarly maze of dates and ancient writings. The historians and politicians who lived around the time of and shortly after Jesus were clear and plain writers and what they confirm about Jesus is clear also. Check out the lesson for yourself and be assured that belief in Jesus rests on solid, tangible history.

More than a question of merely scholarly interest, the question "who is Jesus?" is the most important question anyone will answer, and how you answer it determines your eternal destiny—please take time to view it and share with friends.

I’m making it free so cost won’t be a deterrent in viewing or sharing. You have my permission to make as many copies of the video or handouts you want and pass them on with my blessing. 

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