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Welcome to the Bible805 Academy!

I want to help you learn and teach the Bible.

The materials here are deeply researched and carefully produced by me, Yvon Prehn to teach Bible classes at church. At the same time, they are NOT fancy, overly designed, “professional” lessons, nor do they have the high price tags those types of materials cost.

The lessons have proved useful in helping many people grow in their Christian lives and as disciples of Jesus and I’m offering them to you with the prayer they might be useful either in your own in-depth study or to help you teach the Bible.

I have free resources at the website, Bible805 YouTube channel, and Bible805 podcast, but I know many who want to teach the Bible need more than free resources scattered here and there and they don’t have the time to study or put together lessons.

Everything you need (videos, PowerPoints, editable notes and questions, plus images and PR materials etc.) to teach lessons on in-depth topics on the Bible, such as How We Got the Bible; Why We can Trust the Bible, Life after Death, The Trinity, many other topics, is here and starting in January 2023 there will also be weekly studies that go through the Bible in Chronological Order. 

Check out the free lessons to get an idea of the resources available to you. Even if you don't subscribe to the Bible805 Academy, you can keep and use these lessons.

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Bible805 Academy All-Access Subscription

Though you can purchase individual lessons for $2.99, the All-Access Subscription is $4.99 a month or $36 a year for ALL the materials. All lessons include videos without advertisements and the original and editable PowerPoint files, notes, questions, related charts, and illustrations, images to advertise the lessons, and teaching tips.

About Me, Yvon Prehn creator of the lessons

For much of my life I’ve taught the Bible, starting with teaching kindergartners in Sunday School class when I was in third grade, to working with youth groups, teaching adult Bible classes, and working briefly as an associate professor of church history.

I continue to teach a weekly adult Bible class at my church and am now producing the Bible805 website, podcast, and video channels along with the Bible805 Academy, to make my teaching resources available for others to use in any way you wish to help others get to know, trust, and apply the Bible.

These are not highly produced, professional materials, but lessons, from one "mere Christian" as C.S. Lewis would put it, who has found God has used my background, study, and lessons to help fellow pilgrims grow in their trust in God's Word and as Jesus' disciples.

If you want to know more about me, my educational, and theological background go to About Yvon Prehn. If you want to know more about the overall Bible805 ministry and the other parts of it, go to About Bible805.